The Dangers of Plastic

Plastic products have crept up into our lives in millions of ways. It is difficult to spend a week without having to be exposed to some form of plastic. We are currently using and producing more plastic products than ever before. Globally we are using more than 260 million tons of plastics each year. In fact the amount of plastics manufactured in the first decade of this century has surpassed the amount produced in the entire last century.

Unfortunately the majority of consumers don’t know plastics don’t biodegrade and can last in our planet for hundreds of years harming our environment, wildlife and well-being. The worst part about this is we are not doing enough to help reduce and slow down the use of plastic products.

This page is dedicated to educating and enlightening consumers on the dangers of plastics. We hope this encourages and triggers some positive action for consumers to live environmentally conscious promoting the 4rs and choosing more eco-friendly products like the ones offered at buddha brush.

Become Aware


The 4 R's

In order to become more eco-friendly a number of waste prevention techniques are available, and they are commonly summarized as the so-called 4Rs. Learn more about the 4 R's below.



Wherever possible, waste reduction is the preferable option.  Start using a glass or stainless steel water bottle in place of disposable plastic water bottles.



If waste is produced, every effort should be made to reuse it if practicable. Switch to reusable grocery bags, plastic bottles and try to use glass or stainless steel options instead.



Recycling is the third option in the waste management hierarchy.  Although recycling does help to conserve resources and reduce wastes, it is important to remember that there are economic and environmental costs associated with waste collection and recycling.  For this reason, recycling should only be considered for waste which cannot be reduced or reused.



Finally, it may be possible to recover materials or energy from waste which cannot be reduced, reused or recycled.  Be sure to use products that once funneled through the Reduction, Reuse and Recycle pyramid can be used for energy.   For example, by capturing and combusting gases emitted by the decomposition of organic materials in a landfill, we can produce electricity.

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