The Wildlife Affect

Over 260 species, including invertebrates, turtles, fish, seabirds and mammals, have been reported to ingest or become entangled in plastic debris, resulting in impaired movement and feeding, reduced reproductive output, lacerations, ulcers and death.

There’s circumstantial evidence that plastic debris which eventually turn into microplastics (the breakdown of plastics to its smallest form) is killing filter-feeding animals and birds.  For example, albatrosses mistake plastic for food. Entire marine ecosystems are being disrupted.  Below are some more interesting finding that we hope will help you live more conscious of our environment and wildlife, promoting the 4rs as often as possible and choosing more eco-friendly products like the ones offered at buddha brush.

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It’s everywhere.  A trip to the grocery store reveals items packaged in plastic, which are put in a plastic shopping cart, possibly paid for with a plastic card and carried out in plastic bags.  The conveniences of plastic have made a positive impact on virtually every facet of our life.  Although plastics have had a remarkable impact it is increasingly obvious there is a price to be paid for their use.

Before you toss that plastic bag, the plastic ring from a 6-pack or the empty beverage bottle, stop and think.  You play an important role as a consumer and can make a big difference in whether or not you create a problem for the environment.

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